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Truth about the assault on Fairytale Farm

We are now hearing from multiple people that Akiko Minami and Micah Posner are saying some things about our situation as co-owners that are incorrect. We thought we’d clarify things.

What we’re hearing that Akiko and Micah are saying:

  1. “We don’t understand why they object to our wanting to build a little unit. We just want what they have.”
  2. “Our little unit isn’t going to impact Fairytale Farm at all. We care about Fairytale Farm, and we wouldn’t do anything to hurt it.”
  3. “This misunderstanding seems so big because we all care about each other so much. We’re so sad this is happening. We even raised our kids together.”

Although many people understand our objections and why we’re so upset about feeling defrauded, we thought we’d try to provide a simple explanation, in hopes that maybe someone can explain to Akiko and Micah and provide them some much-needed clue.

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