FOOD SWAP!  Every first and third Monday of the month, at 6 pm., we host a food trade at Fairytale Farm.  The rules are simple:  bring something you’ve made or harvested and trade it with something someone else has made or harvested.  We encourage organic, wild-crafted produce, and white sugar/white flour products are discouraged.

Some of the items that people bring every week are:

  •  kim chee and sauerkraut
  • tempeh
  • sourdough rye bread
  • low or no sugar jams with locally foraged fruit
  • dried fruit from the Fruit Tree Project harvests
  • hummus
  • kefir and yogurt, goat milk and cow
  • date sweetened chocolates with goji berries and other high antioxidant foods
  • seed and vegetable crackers

If you’d like to join us, just show up at 6 pm and introduce yourself.  We all go around the table first and talk about our food, then the trading is organic. Sometimes it helps to put a dollar price on your item if you have no idea what to trade it for.   Come swap!

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